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Our Story

Indian food is always good to share! We also serve a variety of other dishes which include Italian, Turkish and European.

Little Chef brings you cuisine that is delicious, healthy, traditional, and contemporary. We provide you banquet style dining as well. Little Chef gives you the option to choose from mild, medium or spicy hot, our chefs are highly trained in preparing a variety of starters and main dishes. If you are ordering food for the first time from us, we suggest you order from our website For two persons, 3-4 dishes are ideal that will satisfy your taste buds. Visit us today at 170 Copland Rd, Ibrox, Glasgow G51 2UE and we definitely will not disappoint you. You can also call us on 0141 419 0337 to place an order for collection or delivery.

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Customer Favourites

Chicken Kebab

Chicken pieces marinated in yogurt along with lime juice and aromatic spices, then threaded onto skewers
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Donner Meat & Chips

Potato chips with Donner meat
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Mushroom Rice

Cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a frying pan with mushroom and mixed with other ingredients
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Chicken Tikka Main

Boneless marinated Chicken in yoghurt and spices threaded onto skewers and cooked in Tandoor.
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